There is a saying that goes “the future is now” – and truly, it is ours to build. We create the future from our minds, our thoughts and our hearts. What shall we strive for? As a country, as a humanity, as individuals. What world would we be proud of building for the future generations to come? What deeply matters to you? What are our possibilities?


We cannot overlook how meaningful and powerful our minds, bodies and selves are. As individuals and as an entire humanity. Our minds are like muscles – the more we exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it expands. Let us blossom and thrive into the best versions of ourselves. In the here and now, the possibilities are endless.


Our speakers have ideas worth spreading. Let us allow for authentic ideas to make their passage into our minds. These ideas centre around erasing the line which lays between the possible and impossible. Sustaining human life on Mars, mind uploading, carbon neutrality, eradicating poverty, the list is endless. Driven by the desire to create change for the better, we seek a transformative experience. Modern life truly is restless as we are the drivers of change, seeing opportunity in our imagination.


With the integration of technology, our world is defined by connectivity.
We have the tools to connect with one another and we are better equipped to comprehend the complexities which mark our world today. It is what has given humanity the potential to address some of the most crucial global, local and personal issues which persist in contemporary society.


Sustainability is about leaving a positive footprint on globe and creating optimal positions for everyone here now and in the future. We want to touch upon every societal problem and sustain a culture of maintaining and restoring. Maintaining a conscious lifestyle, a low waste mindset, we want to swap, borrow, thrift, reuse and restore. We do not only seek to be knowledgeable and passionate about ecological issues, but we also want to see ho


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